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Tiêu đề TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

Length: 26 characters

Từ khóa TED, Talks, Themes, Speakers, Technology, Entertainment, Design

Length: 63 characters

Mô tả TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, with subtitles in 100+ languages. Ideas free to stream and download.

Length: 176 characters

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– Introducing The Audacious Project’s new cohort
– Reimagine your workplace. Transform business as usual.

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– Become a TED Member
– Featured
– The end of Roe v. Wade — and what comes next for reproductive freedom
– Elon Musk talks Twitter, Tesla and how his brain works — live at TED2022
– Stand with Ukraine in the fight against evil
– A future worth getting excited about
– How the James Webb Space Telescope will unfold the universe
– Ukraine's fight to keep educating its children
– An Olympic champion's mindset for overcoming fear
– We can make COVID-19 the last pandemic
– The breakthrough science of mRNA medicine
– The African swamp protecting Earth's environment
– The hidden power of sad songs and rainy days
– "A seat at the table" isn't the solution for gender equity
– How to share public money fairly
– Newest talks
– A transparent, easy way for smallholder farmers to save
– An election redesign to restore trust in US democracy
– Mental health care that disrupts cycles of violence
– How ancient Arctic carbon threatens everyone on the planet
– Why Indigenous forest guardianship is crucial to climate action
– A safe pathway to resettlement for migrants and refugees
– The most powerful untapped resource in health care
– A bold plan to transform access to the US social safety net
– How to heal a divided world
– The restorative power of medical tattoos
– The breakthrough science of mRNA medicine
– The funding gap in start-up investing
– How the James Webb Space Telescope will unfold the universe
– We can make COVID-19 the last pandemic
– Why people and AI make good business partners
– A new economic model for protecting tropical forests 
– An Olympic champion's mindset for overcoming fear
– A future worth getting excited about
– Trending
– The danger of hiding who you are
– How craving attention makes you less creative
– How we need to remake the internet
– My mother's final wish — and the right to die with dignity
– How working couples can best support each other
– How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime
– How the pandemic will shape the near future
– Why do societies collapse?
– In uncertain times, think like a mother
– How better tech could protect us from distraction
– The injustice of "policing for profit" — and how to end it
– How to motivate people to do good for others
– The true cost of financial dependence
– "A Bird Made of Birds"
– An election system that puts voters (not politicians) first
– The radical, revolutionary resilience of Black joy
– US politics isn't broken. It's fixed

– A playbook for protecting the planet
– An economic case for protecting the planet
– A new way to restore Earth's biodiversity — from the air
– Nature is everywhere — we just need to learn to see it
– The intended consequences of helping nature thrive
– What to do when climate change feels unstoppable
– Love, sorrow and the emotions that power climate action
– Understanding Ukraine
– Ukraine's fight to keep educating its children
– Stand with Ukraine in the fight against evil
– The war in Ukraine could change everything
– War in Ukraine — and what it means for the world order
– Nuclear threat and the war in Ukraine
– What it's like to be a parent in a war zone
– What does it mean to be a refugee?
– When the world is burning, is art a waste of time?
– How to be fearless in the face of authoritarianism
– Inside the fight against Russia's fake news empire
– Explore playlists
– The most popular talks of all time
– What makes Earth so special?
– How your brain constructs reality
– What makes you happy?
– The most popular talks of all time
– What makes Earth so special?
– How your brain constructs reality
– What makes you happy?
– TED-Ed animations: Feed your curiosity
– Why do people have seasonal allergies?
– Whatever happened to acid rain?
– If you're scared of snakes, watch this
– The world's most dangerous fart
– Can we create the "perfect" farm?
– What is imposter syndrome and how can you combat it?
– Will there ever be a mile-high skyscraper?
– How do wind turbines work?
– "To Make Use of Water"
– Can the ocean run out of oxygen?
– A brief history of toilets
– How tall can a tree grow?
– What makes Earth so special?
– The hidden beauty of pollination
– Grief and love in the animal kingdom
– The secret language of trees
– What a planet needs to sustain life
– A brief tour of the last 4 billion years (dinosaurs not included)
– The magic of the Amazon: A river that flows invisibly all around us
– The story of life in photographs
– Hunting for dinosaurs showed me our place in the universe
– Why Earth may someday look like Mars
– What are animals thinking and feeling?
– The astonishing hidden world of the deep ocean
– Countdown: Take action on climate
– Are ad agencies, PR firms and lobbyists destroying the climate?
– How we're turning carbon waste into jet fuel (and everything else)
– Climate action needs new frontline leadership
– A vision for sustainability in aviation
– The African swamp protecting Earth's environment
– How wind energy could power Earth … 18 times over
– How to fix the "bugs" in the net-zero code
– The tragedy of air pollution — and an urgent demand for clean air
– Climate change isn't a distant threat — it's our reality
– What seaweed and cow burps have to do with climate change
– The "greenhouse-in-a-box" empowering farmers in India
– Sustainable cooling that doesn't warm the planet
– The carbonless fuel that could change how we ship goods
– Humanizing the refugee crisis
– What it's like to be a parent in a war zone
– How one photo captured a humanitarian crisis
– How architecture sustains culture — and empowers displaced people
– How I went from child refugee to international model
– What photos don't tell you about the refugee experience
– How refugees could be architects of their own homes — and futures
– The fundamental right to seek asylum
– Heard on TED Radio Hour
– How deepfakes undermine truth and threaten democracy
– Inside the bizarre world of internet trolls and propagandists
– How I'm fighting bias in algorithms
– The mysterious world of underwater caves
– When I die, recompose me
– A climate change solution that's right under our feet
– How we unearthed the Spinosaurus
– The hidden history found in your teeth
– The Great Migration and the power of a single decision
– Why the "good immigrant" is a bad narrative
– 10 ways to have a better conversation
– A one-man musical phenomenon
– How to recover from activism burnout
– How I use Minecraft to help kids with autism
– Work smarter with [email protected]
– 3 steps to stop remote work burnout
– How to be "Team Human" in the digital future
– 3 tips for leaders to get the future of work right
– The human skills we need in an unpredictable world
– 4 lessons the pandemic taught us about work, life and balance
– How to manage for collective creativity
– What are you willing to give up to change the way we work?
– The myth of bringing your full, authentic self to work
– 4 tips to kickstart honest conversations at work
– The happy secret to better work
– Go ahead, dream about the future
– Trial, error and the God complex
– Art that inspires
– Dictators hate political cartoons — so I keep drawing them
– The mind-bending art of deep time
– How film captures the space between hope and despair
– Why should you read sci-fi superstar Octavia E. Butler?
– Art in the age of machine intelligence
– The creativity and community behind fanfiction
– Powerful photos that honor the lives of overlooked women
– How visual storytelling creates better health care
– The art of paying attention
– Why theater is essential to democracy
– About TED

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